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Understandably there are concerns within our community with COVID-19.


Please be reassured, the Health and Safety of our members is our Priority. Please do not be alarmed, but ensure to wash your hands, follow the recommended hygiene polices and drink plenty of water.


Our first priority is your health and safety.


16/12/2021 - FNSW

On Wednesday, 15 December 2021 an updated Public Health Order (PHO) came into effect easing a wide range of restrictions with respect of:

  • Density limits

  • Proof of vaccination

  • QR check in

  • Use of face masks

It is not the intent of Football NSW to dictate what steps Associations, Clubs or Centres should take and these entities should determine what is most appropriate for their particular circumstances, taking into account the well-being of their participants, volunteers and staff.

Some Associations, Clubs or Centres may choose to apply stricter requirements on their participants than those required under the PHO.  For example, a Futsal Centre may choose to require attendees to be fully vaccinated and to provide vaccination evidence.  The Futsal Centre is entitled to implement this requirement and participants are free to choose not to show vaccination evidence – however, the Futsal Centre is entitled to refuse them entry.

Below is a summary of the latest changes.

Sport and Exercise

Anyone can now participate in sport and exercise.

  • People are no longer required to be fully vaccinated or carry vaccination evidence.

  • COVID-19 Safe Check-in is only required at gyms (but not at dance, yoga, pilates, gymnastics or martial art studios).

  • Face masks are not required.

  • Density limits no longer apply.

  • COVID Safety Plans are no longer required.


Outdoor recreation facilities

Density limits and vaccination status no longer apply for outdoor gatherings.

Community sports, including matches, competitions and training, can take place for all participants regardless of vaccination status.

Indoor recreation facilities (e.g. Futsal)

Indoor recreation facilities can now operate with no person or capacity limits in place.


  • Football NSW insurances only apply to sanctioned football activities while those activities and while participants are compliant with the PHOs.

  • Participants who are injured while participating during a sanctioned football activity are covered by the Football NSW personal injury insurance for injuries sustained as a result of football participation (subject to policy terms and conditions), however, claims related to COVID-19 are an exclusion under our policies.


The above guidelines commence from Thursday, 16 December 2021. Football NSW will issue a further update following any changes to PHOs.

Football NSW’s latest COVID-19 updates and resources can be found on the Football NSW COVID-19 information page.

20/08/2020 - FNSW (Update on Covid Requirements)

Following an announcement from the NSW Chief Health Officer, additional requirements for community sport have come into force immediately for at least the next 6 weeks.

Whilst we understand these requirements may mean some sacrifice for you in the short term, we are seeking your cooperation in the interests of ensuring that we can complete our season and to observe our broader social responsibilities to the community and to comply with the Public Health Orders.

Therefore from this weekend the following applies:

  • Face-to-face social activities are not permitted (e.g. post-training and post-match group dinners and sideline drinks, award ceremonies, end-of-season social gatherings)

  • Avoid carpools or bus travel with people from different household groups where possible. (If unavoidable then consider wearing face masks and ensure social distancing) ; and

  • Spectators are limited to one parent only, where a child requires parental supervision. If a parent is attending as a coach or manager then this counts as the one parent and the other parent cannot attend.

  • To be clear, this means no spectators will be permitted at adult matches (U21 and above).


You are also reminded that all players, parents, officials and spectators are required to comply with the following:

Do not attend training or matches if:


Please check this list regularly as more locations are being listed daily. Some locations will require people who have visited them in the last 2 weeks to get tested if they have even the mildest of COVID-19 symptoms such as a runny nose or scratchy throat.

There are also other locations that will require you to immediately self-isolate for 14 days and get tested if you have visited them.

In addition:

  • Wash and/or sanitize hands before and after attending all training and games. Consider bringing your own handwash and sanitiser especially as these are not always available at council run public toilets.

  • Players to arrive dressed and ready to train or play

  • Limit the use of changerooms – changerooms only to be used if the club can sanitise them regularly with a suitable hospital grade cleaning product, such as Vira San/Aeris Active. These rooms and other similar surfaces (benchtops, seats, equipment and so on) need to be cleaned and disinfected regularly.

  • Players must comply with the 1.5m social distancing rule (except during games)

  • Do not shake hands, high five or hug other players, officials, team officials or spectators. Teams are not to meet on the ground before matches or shake hands with match officials

  • Do not share drink bottles

  • Avoid bringing anyone who is elderly or may be at high or increased risk of illness

  • Do not attend if you have flu-like symptoms or are feeling unwell

  • Spectators must comply with the 1.5m social distancing rule at all times unless from the same household

  • All participants and spectators must cover their coughs and sneezes

  • Players and spectators must not socialize or assemble in groups before, during or after training or games

  • Once training and games are finished depart the venue as soon as possible

  • Get tested for COVID-19 if you develop flu-like symptoms


Please ensure you cooperate with your club and the sport generally by complying and remind others around you - don't leave it up to the hard working club volunteers to do this.

17/07/2020 - FNSW (COVID-19 guidelines)

Yesterday (16 July), the NSW Government issued new guidelines for community sport so as to help stem the spread of the COVID-19 virus and keep our game’s participants healthy and safe. Further, it released an updated version of its recommended COVID Safety Plan. For the benefit of our members and in line with these new guidelines, Football NSW also updated its own template Safety Plan and has now provided this to all Associations and Clubs for wide dissemination, adoption and implementation.

Effective immediately, and until further advised, the key changes that we encourage all members of the football community to respect are as follows:

  • Parents, supporters and clubs are asked to limit the number of people attending games to a minimum so as to avoid the congregation of large crowds around our football pitches. Where feasible, it is suggested that only one parent/guardian should accompany children to games. Furthermore, grandparents, aunts/uncles and other family members and supporters should remain home to assist in the prevention of community transmission. For those attending games, please practice good hygiene, social distancing of 1.5 metres between individuals, and as quickly as possible, ‘get in, play, and get out’ so as avoid any unnecessary co-mingling.

  • All participants, including players, match officials and spectators, are excluded from football training and games if they have visited Victoria in the past 14 days

  • Similarly, all participants including players, match officials and spectators should exclude themselves from any football activity if they have attended any of the reported case locations on the NSW Health website

  • Where sufficient numbers to field a team cannot be achieved, work with the respective competition administrator (the club or Association) and prioritise delaying the game or event to another date, rather than using and mixing players from other teams.

  • Players, team officials, parents/guardians and other club members must not attend training or games, if in the past 14 days they have been:

    • been unwell or had any flu-like symptoms, or

    • been in contact with a known or suspected case of COVID-19, or

    • any sudden loss of smell or loss of taste, or

    • are at a high risk from a health perspective, including the elderly and those with pre-existing medical heath conditions.

  • The number of people in a facility should not exceed the ‘one person per 4 sq metres of space to a maximum of 500 people. For games played at major recreational facilities and sporting stadia, QR codes should be used to record details of attending patrons and these can be developed for key games by Football NSW.


Once more, Football NSW encourages everyone to respect the NSW Government’s amended guidelines and work with their respective Clubs/Association in providing a safe environment for our sport.

Thank you for your cooperation, and enjoy the weekend’s games

10/06/2020 - NWSF (Season Update)

With the State Government announcing a return to play date of 1 July for all community sport, including adults, NWSF competitions will kick off on the weekend of 4/5 July. All competitions will be able to play 14 rounds with Grand Finals on 10/11 October (subject to field availability).

10/06/2020 - FNSW (Football Returns)

Football for all ages in NSW is set to resume from 1st July 2020 following the NSW Government’s confirmation this morning.

Acting Minister for Sport The Hon. Dr. Geoff Lee announced that senior football players will join youth in being able to commence contact training and matches from 1 July 2020.

Football NSW CEO Stuart Hodge welcomed the announcement and thanked the Government for providing the news that will be welcomed by tens of thousands of senior players across the state.

“The Government has done a fantastic job of flattening the curve.

“That has presented them the opportunity to deliver the fantastic news that football players of all ages will be permitted to play matches from 1 July.

“Football provides enormous mental and physical health, wellbeing and social benefits to the community and this news was much needed at this point in time.

“I want to thank all the participants for their patience and to acknowledge the hard working volunteers that continue to support their clubs through these challenging times.”

Football is well placed to return with Football NSW having already developed return to play guidelines.

These will be checked for alignment when the government releases a COVID-19 Safety Plan for sport.

Participants are reminded that until 1 July 2020 the current restrictions remain in effect.

For the avoidance of doubt, no competition matches are permitted to be played (including ‘friendly’ matches as part of a training session).

It is required that all training be conducted in accordance with the Public Health Order available on the NSW Government website.

Football NSW has also previously produced a set of recommendations in the form of Return to Training Guidelines and supplementary resources that are available on the Football NSW website.

26/05/2020 - RPFC

We trust you are all doing well and have been able to enjoy some additional time with your family and friends with the most recent relaxation of social distancing restrictions.

NWSF has advised the competition will commence on Saturday the 4th of July. (YAY!!) Details of the draw will be released shortly.


Please take the time to read below as we move forward through these challenging times.



As we prepare to return to playing football, we ask that you make contact with your team members and those looking to play (registrations still open) to confirm their intention to play football with the Ryde Panthers FC this season.

Fyi - North West Sydney Football (NWSF) will accept deregistration up until the 5th June 2020. After that date, they will charge 100% of the registration fee.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns that may assist you or your teammates to confirm their intentions moving forward. 

That said, we request that you let us know the status of your team by Sunday 31st May.  



Our Winter Seasonal field hire has been reinstated by Council and fields will be available for training from Tuesday the 2nd of June *see conditions below. 

* It is required that all training be conducted in accordance with the Public Health Order available on the NSW Government website

* Whilst we are all very excited about the recommencement of the 2020 season, our first and foremost priority is the health and safety of our members.

* An attendance record needs to be kept for every training session moving forward.

* This link will take you to the FNSW return to training resources that you may find helpful.

* IMPORTANT: As a Committee, we will be allocating training space to our teams based on the recommendations by FNSW.  Where possible we will allocate the training day and time based on the original request from the team. However, this will not always be possible under current parameters and we ask for your understanding and cooperation in making this work for all of our members.


Please ensure you and your team members LIKE our Facebook page, as that is also where current updates and information will be posted in real time.

22/05/2020 - NWSF (Season Update)

We thank you for your patience during the suspension of football and understand you would be eager to get back on the field.

We are excited that Football NSW has advised that, provided clubs and participants comply with the revised NSW Govt Public Health Order and by adopting the FNSW Return to Training Guidelines (available here), clubs can resume training activities. This is also subject to local Councils confirming fields will be available (and we note some of our Councils are yet to confirm). Please check with your club about training arrangements.

We are therefore planning on a season commencement date of 4/5 July and each competition will be able to play 13 or 14 matches.


NWSF will be charging clubs the normal registration fees for 2020. Also please note the following arrangements for registrations/de-registrations:

  • Players currently Active in Play Football will have until 5 June if they wish to de-register. Those who de-register cannot re-register with NWSF in 2020

  • Players wishing to de-register need to initiate the de-registration in Play Football. A guide is available here.

  • Clubs may determine if they wish to charge de-registered players a minimal admin fee (to cover equipment and admin overheads) for those who de-register prior to 5 June

  • The Association will liaise with clubs to confirm the amount to be refunded and will process refunds to players who de-register prior to 5 June. NWSF will send players seeking de-registration a form to collect bank details for the refund payment

  • Active Kids Vouchers cannot be refunded to players as per NSW Government requirements

  • Players who wish to de-register after 5 June will not be entitled to a refund

  • Registrations for new players will close for the year on 31 July

  • There will be no refunds if the season is reduced by wet weather


The process above is required so that clubs can confirm whether they need to withdraw or merge teams, and so the Association can complete the draw process.

19/05/2020 - FNSW (Football NSW’s Return to Training)

Effective from 12.00am on Friday, 22 May 2020, Football NSW will be lifting the temporary suspension of football as it relates to training only.

For the avoidance of doubt, no competition matches are permitted to be played (including ‘friendly’ matches as part of a training session).

It is required that all training be conducted in accordance with the Public Health Order available on the NSW Government website.

01/04/2020 - NWSF

FFA has released a statement on 1 April advising that the suspension of all grassroots football activity will be extended to 31 May. This includes all competition matches, trial matches, training and coaching courses.

Like everyone involved in football, we are very disappointed that we can’t get players on the park just yet, but every sport has to play their part in minimising the spread of the virus and “flattening the curve”.

The NWSF Board has subsequently decided to commence the season on the weekend of 6/7 June.

The good news is that we can still fit a FULL Premiership season for many competitions and the remainder will be modified seasons, so there is no need to de-register from your club.


01/04/2020 - FNSW (Extension of the suspension of grassroots football in Australia)

Football Federation Australia (FFA) advised that, in light of ongoing developments since its original announcement, including stricter measures imposed by the Federal Government in response to COVID-19, the temporary suspension to sanctioned grassroots football competitions and associated training would remain in place until at least 31 May 2020.

The decision is another in a series of measures taken by FFA in response to COVID-19 in consultation with its State and Territory Member Federations and the National COVID-19 Working Committee.

FFA Chief Executive Officer James Johnson said: “Since our initial announcement, there have been numerous declarations made by, and introduced, across all levels of Government. The measures have continuously tightened restrictions around community gatherings, and the measures announced by the Prime Minister recently increased these restrictions further. While we were not due to make a formal assessment until 14 April 2020, we felt it best to consider our position now in light of this most recent announcement.

“We have determined, with the full backing of all Member Federations, that the temporary suspension to sanctioned grassroots football competitions and associated training will remain in place until at least 31 May 2020. We will continue to stay in close communications with our Member Federations in the lead up to 31 May 2020, to ensure that the individual circumstances of each state and territory in relation to the status of COVID-19 and the measures or restrictions imposed by individual State/Territory Governments are being considered.

“These are unprecedented times and at this moment, it is very difficult to predict what further measures will be introduced, or for how much longer current measures will be in place. As we have done with all our decisions to date, we will remain agile and responsive to the prevailing circumstances and still remain optimistic that our Member Federations, which are already considering what adjusted competitions will look like, will be able to complete the grassroots season this year.

“Any decision to resume grassroots football will be made in line with the Federal Government, taking into account the latest health advice at the time to ensure the safety and wellbeing of both the football and wider community, and in full consultation with our Member Federations and the National COVID-19 Working Committee. The safety of the football community remains our priority.

“We recognise that our participants across the country are eager to understand what all of this means for them so we hope that the announcement today can give them some piece of mind and we ask that they remain positive during these difficult times.

“As a sport, we must continue to undertake our civic duty as a responsible citizen and do everything we can to contribute to the national efforts to slow down the spread of COVID-19. Football people are resilient, have a strong moral compass and, consequently, I am sure our community will understand this position.”

FFA will continue to communicate material updates in the lead up to 31 May 2020.

20/03/2020 - NWSF

At this stage there is no reason to de-register as the NWSF competitions are scheduled to commence on 2 May and we can still play a full season of matches.

A final decision around any refund of fees for people who deregister will be made when the club and NWSF know the full extent of the disruption and it will be based on the broad principle of trying to ensure that all Clubs, NWSF, Football NSW and FFA are able to get through this difficult time in a position that will enable football as we know it to continue into the future

17/03/2020 - NWSF

Update re Coronavirus - NWSF competitions postponed until 18 April

FFA has released a statement advising that all grassroots football activity will be suspended from midnight 17 March until 14 April. This includes all competition matches, trial matches, training and coaching courses.

This means the NWSF competitions start date will be postponed to 18 April.

Parents and players are urged to not make any decisions regarding de-registration at this stage, as a viable competition is still possible. We will be working to update the competition calendars and fixtures soon.

17/03/2020 - FFA


Football Federation Australia (FFA) today advised that, after considered discussion with its nine State and Territory Member Federations and assessment of developments today, sanctioned grassroots football competitions and associated training would be suspended for the next four weeks.


The decision will take effect from 12:00am on Wednesday, 18 March 2020 until Tuesday, 14 April 2020.


The decision comes as the latest in a series of measures being introduced by the FFA to combat the ongoing spread of COVID-19 following the announcement of its COVID-19 Guidelines yesterday and places the concerns, health and wellbeing of the Australian football and wider community as the highest priority.

FFA Chief Executive Officer James Johnson explained that while disappointing, reducing community gatherings would help slow the spread of the virus and that this was the driving factor in the decision.

“Our decision today follows extensive discussions with all of Australia’s nine State and Territory Member Federations, taking into consideration the latest feedback from all levels of the football community,” Johnson said.


“We are also taking into consideration the ongoing response by both the broader international and Australian communities which is evolving almost on an hourly basis now.

“We also recognise that there have been some recent material developments which have changed the landscape significantly, including the decisions made by the Victorian and ACT Governments to declare States of Emergency late yesterday afternoon. Today, more schools, universities and also public sporting facilities have announced that they will be closing so we have had to respond quickly to this.

“It is very regrettable that grassroots football will not proceed for the next month, but as a good and responsible citizen, we recognise that our game of approximately 1.96 million participants has a significant role to play in slowing the spread of the virus.

“More Australians play grassroots football than any other team sport in the country and we have been able to listen to the voice of our community, through the establishment of the National COVID-19 Working Committee and our Guidelines, who have expressed a desire to contribute more to the nation at this time through a unified and Whole of Game response.

“As a game we need to be responsive and agile in how we deal with this situation, and we are working together around the clock to deal with this challenge. We will continue to assess our position regularly to ensure that it is reflective of the most accurate state of affairs and views of the game.

“I would like to acknowledge how Member Federations have worked so constructively with FFA, through the Working Committee and established Guidelines, to arrive at what is right for our players, coaches, officials, their families and the wider community. We are meeting on a daily basis and will continue to do so, taking into account the latest Government medical advice and community sentiment.”

FFA will continue to communicate new developments in the lead-up to 14 April 2020.


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