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Code of Conduct


When you participate in the activities of Ryde Panthers Football Club (RPFC) please be aware that a code of conduct is in place. This code applies to all games and matches participated in by our teams as well as training nights, fun days and special events organized by our club.  It is also expected that our members would follow this code at any function or competition that they may attend no matter who it has been organized by, or for.

  1. At all times be aware that you are representing our club and that your actions, words and behaviour reflects upon us and our reputations.

  2. Players shall play by the rules of the game and know the rules including the latest rule changes.

  3. Players shall play in a fair and sporting manner.

  4. Players will not use foul, abusive or offensive language on or off the field at any time nor in any foreign language.

  5. Players who are lucky enough to have a referee, official or not, will abide by his or her decisions with good spirit.

  6. Game Leaders/Coaches, Managers and Spectators will not use foul, abusive or offensive language at any time or in any foreign language.

  7. Game Leaders/Coaches, Managers and Spectators will respect the wishes of the referee or person refereeing, and the laws and rules as applied by the association and referees.

  8. Players, Officials (Game Leaders/Coaches and Managers) and Spectators will not at any time, before - during or after a game, attempt to, or, intimidate, coerce, assault or menace a referee, an official, a person controlling or refereeing a game, or any other player or spectator at a game.

  9. All people attending matches or functions either as Players, Officials or Spectators representing Ryde Panthers will conduct themselves in a manner of good sporting ethic. In a manner that promotes a safe, happy and healthy environment for the enjoyment and growth of soccer amongst not only our young players but all involved.

  10. No alcohol is to be consumed on or near the playing area at ELS Hall Park. Alcohol can only be consumed outside the fenced area.

  11. The NSW government has banned smoking in spectator areas of sports grounds and or other recreational areas while organized sporting events are being held. This ban came into effect on 7 January 2013. Fines of up to upwards of $550 for breaches.

Participating in activities and matches involving Ryde Panthers is a privilege and failure to observe and abide by the Code of Conduct will result in the Committee withdrawing this privilege.

Any person representing Ryde Panthers, either as a player, official or spectator who is accused of violating the Code of Conduct will have the opportunity and be expected to address the Committee within 21 days of the complaint.  The complaint is to be lodged in writing to the Committee, with regard to determining the appropriate action to be taken, as determined by the Committee.

For guidelines on Code of Conduct - please refer to website –

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