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Ryde Panthers Football Club is run by a dedicated team of volunteers.


When you get together with your team please consider volunteering to help in the coaching / running of your child’s team (shirt washing roster, morning tea roster, canteen roster).


(Your child WILL love it if and when you are involved in “their team” & it is a personally satisfying experience).

This season we will again have to register all players, coaches and managers through as part of Football NSW requirements for insurance. There will be advice available on how to complete the process as required by Football NSW for your child to play and for you to participate as a volunteer. As a volunteer, it is FREE to register, just a requirement that we must meet. Each person registering will need a jpeg. head and shoulder photo to complete the registration. No hats and or sunglasses in the photo are permitted.


All Game Leaders/Coaches will be required to be compliant with current Certificates pending age group they are working with. 

Coach / Game Leader Education

Under NWSF, coach education will be compulsory for appropriate coaching development levels and age groups.

  • U6 to U8 coaches certified with a MiniRoos Certificate

  • U9 to U12 coaches certified with a Skill Training Certificate

  • U13 to U16 Division 1 and 2 coaches certified with a Game Training certificate

  • Super League and Premier League coaches certified with a Senior Certificate (or C License)

  • Both male and female team coaches



  • To increase the quality of our player’s football experience. This is the number one reason why people choose to stay/leave our game

    • To increase the quality of our coaching, this is the core driver for the football experience and the number 2 reason why people stay/ leave

    • To increase the quality of development of our players in our sport

    • To increase the enjoyment levels and longevity of those in coaching positions

    • To decrease the need for time spent on getting coaches to coaching courses from both clubs and associations

    • To engage high level young players in our Premier League and Super League competitions.


How will it work in Season 2024?

  • RPFC to allocate the game leader/coach to a team by the start of preseason training.

  • Check and confirm which coaches have done the appropriate Certificate in the last 4 years (from 2020 to now). Remember this is the only qualification for this age group, any older qualification is not correct one to be qualified.


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