Winter 2021


Registrations for 2021 Winter Competition are CLOSED.

Ryde Panthers Football club facilitates footballers wishing to play club and competition football. If you are looking for lessons or classes, we suggest contacting one of our associated partners Justfootball Academy.

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Please check our Frequently Asked Questions below.



Frequently Asked Questions

Active Kids Voucher (AKV)

Can I use my 2020 Active Kids Voucher (AKV) for 2021?

The Active Kids Voucher (AKV) is only able to be used in the year it was issued. Voucher 1 is valid January to December and Voucher 2 is valid July to December.

What is the Active Kids Voucher (AKV)?

The NSW Government is helping kids get active with the Active Kids program. The Active Kids program provides two $100 vouchers for parents, guardians and carers of school-enrolled children to use towards sport and active recreation costs each year.

Who is eligible for the Active Kids Voucher (AKV)?

  • NSW residents
  • Aged between 4.5 and 18 years
  • Enrolled in school (from Kindergarten to Year 12, including those who are home-schooled or enrolled in secondary school education at TAFE NSW)
  • Current Medicare card holder.

How do I apply the Active Kids Voucher (AKV)?

  1. Grab your AKV from Service NSW website:
  2. Start your Ryde Panthers Football registation using the links above.
  3. On the Payment Options Screen, select Active Kids Voucher and enter the code.

Can I get a refund of the Active Kids Voucher (AKV)?

No. The voucher is usable once only and cannot be refunced under Sports NSW guidelines.

However, if you de-register and decide you would like to use the voucher at another Active Kids organisation, Ryde Panthers will attempt to transfter the amount uon receiving confirmation of enrollment.

Do you accept the NSW Government Active Kids Voucher (AKV)


Ryde Panthers is an Active Kids provider.


Are there any changes to the fees for 2021?

All fees for 2021have remained the same or decreased for 2021.

Is there offline payment for 2021?

No, Due to difficulties in chasing fees in previous years, it has been decided that for 2021, all registration payments in 2021 will be online only.

If this will be an issue, please fill out this form and we will see if we can workout an alternative method


Are there any discounts available?

Yes. There are several discounts available including:

  1. Early Bird Registration (10% off until late February)*
  2. Active Kids Voucher (Up to $100)
  3. Siblngs ($10 first sibling, $20 there after)
  4. Coaching/Player (up to 50% off for coaches of MiniRoos or Youth teams)
  5. Referees (up to 50% for players who are active referees in the 2021 season)
  6. Committee (up to 50%)

* For 2021, Under 6 have a special promotional price and are not eligble for Early Bird discount.

How can I claim a discount?

Active Kids vouchers must be entered during registration in the Payment Options screen. Sibliings discounts are applied automatically when a parent creates to registrations using their parent Play Football account, For other discounts please contact us and we will setup a bank transfer of any docunts post payment of registration.

Why is there no Early Bird Discount for Under 6?

Normally $160, the Under 6 fees for 2021 are running under a promtional discounted price of $100.


When do Registrations open?

Janurary 4th 2021

When does Early-Bird Registration close?

25th February 2021

Do I need to Register online?

Yes. To play Winter Football you must be regsitered online with a valid Play Football registration

Do I need a Play Football Account?

Yes. All registration must be through Play Football

Do I need a photo?

Yes. All registration must include a current passport style photo that accurately depicts the player being registered. Failure to provide one will stop the registration being accepted.

How do I create a Play Football account?

To create a Play Football account, use the following guide:

Create your Football Account.pdf

How do I register?

Once your Play Football account is created, use the following guide to register


How do I register for the Sunday girls competition?

To register for the girls competition, begin a standard registration. Do not be worried about the "Mixed" in the age group.

During the registration process, an Additional Question is presented where you can choose the Women's competition:

Can I play in the same team with my friends?

During registration, there is an additional question where you can add some details about which team you would refer to be in. We cannot guarantee that the request will be fulfilled, but we will do our best to try and make it possible.

My child is 4 years old, can they register to play?

Registration is open to all children who turn 5 at some stage in 2021 (i.e. anyone 4 years old or above on Dec 31st 2020) Check out Ready, Steady, Go for activiities for kids under the age requirements:,%20NSW,%202112&surrounding=on

How do I remove an Active Kids Voucher (AKV) during registration?

Unfortunately, once an AKV is redeemed, there is no way to cancel it's application. This is a limitation of the PlayFootball system.

I've only used part of my $100 AKV, how do I redeem the rest of the voucher?

Unfortunately the Active Kids Voucher system cannot be used accross multiple transactions. Once a vocuher is redeemed, any amount left over is forfeited.


Does Ryde Panthers provide classes or lessons?


If you are looking for lessons or classes, we suggest contacting one of our associated partners Justfootball Academy.


What day/time is training on?

Training will be decided by consensus amoungst the team dependant on the availability of field space.

Where is training?

Training is held at E.L.S. Hall during the season. Before season begins, training may be held at a variety of nearby fields depending on whih fields the council makes available.


Early-Bird Fee
Under 6
$100.00* (2021 Promotion. No EB Discount)
Under 7
Under 8 - Under 9
Under 10 - Under 11
Under 12 - Under 13
Under 14 - Under 16
Under 17 - Under 18
Under 19 - Under 21
All Age
Over 30, Over 35