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Report an Incident


At Ryde Panthers Football Club we take the protection of members and the integrity of our game seriously.

We are dedicated to ensuring the game remains safe and free from abuse, harm and free of matters that may threaten the integrity of the game, whether that be a MiniRoos, Youth or Seniors game.

If you see or hear something that compromises the protection of any of our members or that threatens the integrity of the game, we encourage you to confidentially report it to Ryde Panthers via the online report form below.

All information shared will assist in identifying and eliminating threats to the safety and integrity of our game.

This site allows you to make a report relating to any conduct or behaviour in football that may relate to:


  • Member Protection - misconduct or inappropriate behaviour in football which threatens a Member’s safe enjoyment of the game including bullying, harassment, abuse and discrimination.

  • Safeguarding - including the abuse, potential abuse, misconduct or other inappropriate behaviour involving a child in relation to their participation in football.

  • Integrity matters - including matters that affect the reputation and public confidence in the sport such as incidents of cheating by doping, Members betting on football, fixing matches or events within a match, or any other corrupt activities in football.


Thank you for taking the time to help us protect our amazing game.


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